Off I go with Usborne Books & More!


So last night I signed up to be a consultant with Usborne Books & More! Yay!

Let me go ahead and say that when I decided to leave my teacher life behind to stay home with my sweetness, I promised that I would not, would not, would NOT do any sort of direct sales, pyramid scheme, business. That being said, I must have something on my back that tells people to ask me to join their sales teams! (I will just assume people think I’m nice and friendly, which I would agree ;))I have been asked to join in with so many other work from home gals that I would love to work with! They are all sweet, beautiful, funny, intelligent, and are seriously making a living! I’m impressed. But I just wasn’t personally interested in selling makeup, clothes, nutritional products, etc. I’m kinda one of those people on Facebook that just scrolls… You know what I mean? So the fact of going from a scroller to someone using Facebook as a way to reel people in to buy my products, just seemed too uncomfortable for me. The more I read about Usborne, I realized their are multiple ways to make sales other than just trying to overload everyone’s Facebook feed.

I love staying home with my daughter! I feel so blessed and so fulfilled spending my days playing with her and teaching her new little things. I do not want to go back to teaching any time soon, but I do miss sharing the love of reading, imagining, and discovering with other kids and even their parents! I keep up with a lot of my past students and have even became great friends with many of my past classroom parents. I feel like Usborne is a great way for me to stay connected to and continue partnering with parents who want their children to flourish, by building lifelong readers and learners!

But there is one thing that really lead me to make the decision to sign up with Usborne, and it was an in-house motivation. For the past few months, one of mine and Emily’s favorite outings has been going to Barnes and Noble. We live kind of out in the country, so at least once every week and a half or so, we would make the 20 minute drive across town to explore the dreamy children’s section of B&N and just get lost in all the books. It makes my heart swell in the best way when I see Emily’s little face light up as she’s surrounded by colorful books and stories and pictures. So, I had this bright idea to make this part of our routine where we would buy a new book at least twice a month to continue adding a variety of books to Emily’s library. Well, like all great plans, that didn’t always work out. We would enjoy our time, but often go home empty handed without a new engaging book. I found there were two reasons that happened.

1.) I would have a certain style of book in mind, and just couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I had high standards and was really trying to find books with engaging, beautiful pictures and solid educational content (even for toddlers). Or I’d be looking for a sweet story line with dreamy pictures and characters.ย  Many came close, but I would still put them on the shelf saying to my self “nah…” or “I’ll think about it…”

2.) Most of the time that decision to decline, or just ‘think about’ a book that I was on the fence about was because of the price. Now, I’m not a cheap person, but I definitely am always looking for quality products at a discount. Unfortunately, most of the books I wanted to buy were never on sale. Again, a book doesn’t have to be on sale for me to buy it, but if it was only about 80% of what I was looking for, plus full price, I had to make the choice to leave it there. I have learned the hard way that if you don’t TOTALLY love something, don’t buy it.

So there I was, hanging my head because my sweet little darling wasn’t getting her shelf filled with wonderful, magical books, to assist her learning. I decided to search. I searched and searched to find the exact niche’ that I was looking for and finally I found it!

Usborne Books and More!

I went back and forth about signing up to be a consultant. Because if anything, I’d always get a discount on these amazing books that I wanted to buy anyway. Then wait, if I actually worked at it, I would get FREE books aaaand make some extra money on the side, which is never a bad thing. 24 hours into it and I’ve already got my launch party date set up and have recruited one other person on my team! I’m ready to hit the ground running on my first working adventure in my stay at home life!



P.S. If you’re interested in joining me, hosting an online book party, or just wanting to hear more information, send me an email at usbornebookskrystle@gmail.com!!! There are some AWESOME deals you can get as a hostess, and it doesn’t matter where you live!


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