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Happy & Healthy {My Top 5 Favorite Plexus Products!}

Hey friends! So in December of last year, I started Plexus out of a desperate NEED to “just feel better”. I had so many health issues and annoyances that 1. I had not dealt with before or 2. I had kept at bay before, but no longer could. I had seen Plexus here and there, and had actually tried it before briefly, when I was looking for a quick fix for weight loss (because who hasn’t been there at one time or another?). I tried it, for 2 weeks, didn’t see any weight loss, and quit.

But in the way that many people will roll their eyes, and yes, guilty…I have done that too, a sweet acquaintance that I had on Facebook, was always posting about Plexus. I would like her posts quite often, and would occasionally comment. Then one day she posted something that strongly caught my eye. It was a random post about health issues you may be more inclined to if you were born by C-Section and how Plexus could help you. Since I am seriously a closet nerd and lover of anything about science, mysteries, and especially another piece to the ‘Why You Are The Way You Are’ puzzle of life, I completely stopped scrolling dead in my finger tracks to read, not only the post, but the comments. As you may have guessed, I was a C-Section baby. But never before had I known that the miracle way that I, and thousands of others were/are born, had any affect on my adult health.

For whatever reason, that post did it for me, and the next time my friend and I talked, she was letting me know about joining a 1 week sample group, but I just said, “You know what..let’s just do the whole thing.” And it’s been history since then.

Now let me tell you, I signed up as an Ambassador, mainly to get the product discount for myself, but also for the sake of IF this actually worked for me, I’d be able to share these products with other people to help them with their physical battle! Because anyone who has ever struggled with a physical issue, knows that it can become something that has the power to not only affect, but consume you! That was me.

So I’m almost 9 months into taking Plexus, and I feel like a whole different person! I haven’t tried everything, but I have tried most of the products and stay stocked up on my favorites. So just for fun, here are my top 5 favorite Plexus products!

Plexus Slim

So I DO need to tell you, because I completely believe in honesty and transparency…I have not gotten “slim” on Plexus Slim. I’m sure my other Plexus friends are cringing as they read this, because that’s just not the way to sell a product called “slim.” But nonetheless,  you see that it is my number one item that I love and use daily! Why is that? Because what is life if you’re not skinny? If you just asked that, I’d love to have a nice long heart to heart with you about life and all that it is, when being slim isn’t the number one focus. 🙂 Ok! moving on! I love Slim because it gives me an internal boost! Not like a shot of espresso, but like a revitalizing sensation. It helps with mental and emotional clarity, boosts mood, and gives natural energy. It also is the happy factor to a good, regular natural digestive system. Let me go ahead and say that TONS of people lose weight with Slim. And it did help me lose an initial 5-10 pounds, it just didn’t get me all the way to my weight loss goal. It is all natural, tastes great, and is physically refreshing. This drink keeps me going and refreshed for all the #momlife and just #reallife ups and downs that are a part of my day to day.  And happiest of all…it’s pink!

Plexus Slim with Hunger Control

I love this product for all the same reasons as the original Plexus Slim! (see above) It has a similar, but different flavor. Where the original Plexus is a mix of raspberry, lemon, and watermelon flavors, this one is a citrus goodness with grapefruit, lemon, and lime. Most definitely refreshing! If you are a product of the instant gratification culture, I’ll let you know that it does take a little more patience to mix it and break up the clumps. But the 30 extra second are totally worth it ;). Since I’ve never been very good at a strict supplement and meal time system, I’m glad to have the two options of the original Slim, and the Slim with Hunger Control. Basically, when I know that I’ll be eating at a certain time, or if I know that I need a little something to hold me over, I will go for this one! For example. I always get hungry during church. It never fails. I’m up earlier to get everyone ready, I usually don’t eat breakfast before heading out the door, 10:30 hits mid-sermon, my stomach is growling, and I’m distracted. Get behind me Satan! No more church distraction stomach growling…if that’s not reason enough, I don’t know what is 😉 It is also pink 🙂

The X Factor Multivitamin

So I was really into this multivitamin for the noticeable feel good factor it gave me. And duh, getting my daily vitamins. Then it hit a new level when I saw someone post that they take this multivitamin EVEN as their prenatal vitamin :O So let’s rewind. When I was pregnant, I was a prenatal health and vitamin freak. When I found the perfect prenatal vitamin, I bragged and bragged about it and tried to convince every pregnant or wannabe pregnant lady I knew that they needed.this.vitamin.  So when my friend posted her cute picture of her XFactor as a prenatal. Serious eyebrow raise over here. “Nothing could be better than myyyy prenatal.” I thought. But, as I mentioned before, I have a slight issue with wanting to know the scientific, factual answer for things that can be answered. My 2 favorite vitamins. Which one would prevail? And could a “regular ol'” multivitamin really be as good as a prenatal. The answer: to my dismay, then to my excitement, was yes! And with one less pill per serving!

Plexus Edge

This, y’all…is my secret weapon. This is my gsd (get “stuff” done) fuel. I am on a deep internal journey of practicing balance, organization, and minimizing chaos, so I don’t actually take this every day (thanks to all my other great Plexus products). But then there are those days…Oh, mommas y’all know the days! Everything’s a mess, someone’s coming over, too much to do, the dog just got in the trash, not enough hours, or you just can’t focus long enough to know where to even start! I’m speaking to mom’s here because that’s my life and my happy place. But this product is probably most beneficial for all the working men and women who are perpetually tired! You work all day, then come home with to-do lists that never quite get crossed off. I have been there before too! With the risk of sounding too bold, I would possibly still be a working mom if I had this product a couple years ago! Let me stop here and tell you that I love coffee & tea & 5 hour energy & non carbonated energy drinks & (when I was working) basically anything else that said it had Vitamin B complex or caffeine in it.  I have lived the majority of my adult life DESPERATE for energy, all the while knowing the constant intake of energy boosting drinks weren’t actually good for me. The pendulum swing of either exhausted or jittery and on edge is never, ever a good way to live. But, Plexus Edge gives you that extra oomph of energy WITHOUT the jitters and WITHOUT the crash! Not only does it give you energy, but it has a focus component to it as well. I’ve thought I was A.D.D. for a very long time but just don’t like going to the doctor. With lack of better words, this supplement makes me feel like I don’t need other medication.

Vital Biome

I’d like to introduce my happy pill! My all natural probiotic happy pill to be exact–Vital Biome. Did you know that anxiety and depression are also linked to gut health? I didn’t know that either! But as someone who struggled with both anxiety & depression, I had to give this a try. Grouped with my other products, I could really start to tell an overall difference in my daily mood, and ability to cope with situations that would have previously been too much for me. I am not a doctor, and this is not a prescription. But if you struggle any way in these areas, you should give this a try!


Ok! so there you have my top 5 with a quick reason why I love them. But what I haven’t mentioned is that these are not ALL of my favorites! I guarantee if you ask another Plexus person, their top 5 would look similar, yet different. These are just great feel good products. I’d love to hear your questions, and can definitely give you more info about something that caught your attention. Comment or message me on Instagram or Facebook, or just visit my Plexus page for yourself to take a look around.  Let’s get you started on your journey to health & happiness!




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A Big Sweaty Good-bye Kiss to Summer…and Hello Fall!

I love fall!

For many many years, summer was hands down my favorite. But just recently I realized that as a kid, teenager, and even a young and vibrant college girl, summer meant no school, hours of laying out by the pool with an iced anything, my birthday! Free time to relax and recharge. The list could go on for days, but overall, summer= fun, relaxing, and beautifying. As an actual grown up with an active toddler, summer= hot, sweaty, and tired. Ok, and yes it’s still fun! But let me just be honest. I haaaate being hot! I’ve come to learn that I actually sweat more than the average person (lovely, I know).

When It’s summer time, I have to have a timed out, mapped out, checklist plan for getting ready to go somewhere, if I actually want to show up still looking decent. The air has to be right and adjusted for specific rooms, also accommodating hair appliances. The car has to be started early to cool off. Before I even begin to get ready, all child items have to be packed and ready to go in order to cut out the “down to the wire” stress sweat. And if husband decides to take a steamy, sauna temp shower 10 minutes before I’m finished getting ready in the same bathroom…Lord have mercy on us both. Insert “I literally just can’t” here.

10 times out of 10, I leave the house sweating and use my first few car minutes to crank the air up, and do some deep breathing exercises. It has never helped that I am not naturally skinny. My legs stick together every day of the year. And since having a baby, my midsection takes some finagling to get everything up, over, and in just right, while also doing quality control to make sure my outfit of choice doesn’t cling or accentuate in any of the wrong places. I’m sure nobody understands…And let’s not even mention swimsuits. Not going to be completely dramatic by saying that laying out by the pool is a thing of the past, but it has been significantly reduced to an occasional hour during toddler nap time on a weekend afternoon while husband is home. Which definitely happened only 1 single time this summer. Let’s not confuse laying out with family pool time. The two are very much different in this stage of life. Pool time with a 2 yr old is a commitment of energy, effort, patience, and at least a couple of sore muscles the next day. But I usually don’t regret it once we’re there. #momlife

Up until 5 years ago, I lived my whole life in Texas. In Texas it is basically hot year round. I never got used to it. And I never got over it. I just know that I was always so very thankful when the fall like weather moved in and actually stayed for a minute. Like in November. Yes. For all you non-Texas residents, I did say November. It is simply not a guarantee that you will have the crisp happy fall weather of your dreams until November. And you can pretty much guarantee at least a random day or weekend to be in the “unseasonably” 80s anytime between November and January, because well, Texas does what it wants. By the time the trees in East Texas are in their full fall color glory, it is time for Christmas and it’s just all awkward. And still probably hot.

I used to love summer. Now I do not. Now I love fall. I now live in the upstate of South Carolina where it is September first and the tree in my front yard is already starting to turn red. I have always liked fall. But now I absolutely truly, madly, deeply love it. I have always been a tree lover, but I have never been so enamored with the true full out beauty of fall until I lived here the first time a few years ago. The trees and the apple orchards are my favorite. The warm rich flavors of fall cooking, and the naturally more uplifted mood of my husband because of football season is also my favorite. Fall is the beginning of the season that leads up to our most beloved holiday of Christmas. From here until the end of the year, this is our happy time.

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer. Despite my deep disdain of the heat, this has also been a busy, and exhausting summer for us with a big move across half the country and getting settled in our new home, my husband’s new job, and our new-again town. We had a wedding trip back to Texas, a beach vacation, and 5 birthdays in between. I am thankful for these blessings, but I am sending summer off with a big fat hot and sweaty kiss!

Time for the pumpkin spice lattes, fall decorations, football, warmer colors, leaves, campfires, new candles and soaps, and time to get back in the kitchen for my favorite cooking season! I’ll hold off on the boots and sweaters for now until the weather catches up. Because you know…Sweat.

So long summer! Hello Fall!



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Emily’s Dreamy Pink & Gold Nursery

Since the very moment I found out we were having a sweet baby giiirl, my daydreams became flooded with pinks & golds, florals, pastels & creamy shades of white. I couldn’t ever really visualize what our little Emily would look like, and could only hope she would possess at least a few traits that were unquestionably from mommy. Of course, no mommy-to-be wants to set herself up for disappointment. So even if she turned out to be all daddy, I’d be perfectly over the moon happy. But juuuust in case, I’ll go ahead and confess that my dream of her little nursery has mommy all over it. Let’s be honest, I think all of us millennial mommas can say that our babies’ nurseries and wardrobes are an extension of us and our momma’s hearts wanting to pour out every little thing within our being that could possibly take on the expression of love. And that is exactly what this little nursery has been to me. An ultimate labor of love from this Mommy to her one and only baby girl, whispering in my best Parent Trap voice “I hope she likes me…please, please like me.”

Well, fast forward 2 years and this whimsical little girl room is the sweetest most peaceful haven of reading, playing, discovering, and dreaming sweet, sweet little dreams. Whether it is nature (her true liking of pretty girly things, aka mommy’s favorite things) or nurture (knowing nothing else other than her surroundings that were created and curated by mommy) there is no doubt that this little girl is all girl, and loves all things pink and pretty! I surely can’t get enough of it.

It all starts right here, where we begin and end our days. The most peaceful, dreamy, inspiring, and life giving little corner of our home. And I’m so happy to share it with you!

My first priority was to find the perfect crib with just the style and color that I was looking for. Let me go ahead and say that I definitely had a budget friendly mindset when planning this nursery, but decided that there would be a few things that I would splurge on. The main furniture being the priority. I went back and forth for quite a while on if I wanted a matching crib and dresser, or if I wanted to mix and match. When I came across this Wendy Bellissimo crib and dresser on Wayfair, I instantly melted and had heart eyes for days…literally days, weeks even! It was a good bit out of my price range, so for a while I kinda moped around the internet to try to find a similar look. Well with a mix of prayers, patience, a gift from my parents along with a very significant Wayfair sale on baby furniture, those pieces that I absolutely loved were set to arrive on our doorstep! And they were absolutely perfect.

Our rocker was a similar situation. I was particular about the color, material, size, and movement of our rocker. I also wanted one that came with an ottoman that didn’t move. Yes, that was very important. You see, I am relatively clumsy, so the experience of having my chair and propped feet moving like the ocean while needing to sturdy myself with a baby in arms was and is just too much for me. Anyway! I also very much wanted a wide chair (because comfort is life) and one that was a swivel rocker. It took me a while to find this one. It was also a Wayfair sale and was also a gift. Yay for squishy comfort!

All the other details came together piece by piece with a hundred back and forth trips of buying and returning decor pieces until everything was juuuust right. The gallery wall was my biggest project of all. I have literally been rearranging and updating it for 2 whole years!

All of the medium pieces were all less expensive and came from Kirkland’s & AtHome, and were all bought in one day on a shopping trip with my mom. Talk about feeling accomplished! The two small wooden tables came from Kirkland’s and were both under $100. They are pretty, functional, and have a touch of vintage look to them, which I loved.

The white vintage scroll table, rug, bird cage, and my personal favorite vintage rolling buggy all came from AtHome! And I’m pretty sure were all right at or under $50!

The sweet monogram on the wall was also a thoughtful gift from one of my church friends. Then unbeknownst to me, I became friends with the girl who made it while serving with the kids program at church. I put two and two together like a year later! So now I’m friends with Carrie who makes all these adorable signs that you should definitely check out!

The whimsical ribbon mobile was made by hand, by yours truly! I’ve realized that when I get something specific in my head, I can’t ever quite find exactly what I’m looking for. In this case, I got the idea from ones I had seen on Etsy, but didn’t feel like paying $50 for a little dinky sizes one. If what I’m dreaming of is something artsy, I usually weigh the question if it is something I could attempt at making myself. And boy, did this turn out better than I thought it would! I ended up finding the perfect combination of ribbons from Michael’s and this is still one of my favorite pieces in Emily’s nursery. I personally think it looks pretty in pictures, but they really don’t do it full justice! Maybe I’ll do a spin-off post of just how much I love this mobile.

My other fixation was finding the perrrfect gold mirror with a wow factor! I literally gasped when I saw this one online at Pottery Barn Kids. Then I dug out an old gift card that my husband had gotten me the previous Christmas, waited for a sale, and this gold flower mirror made all my dreams come true. I think I teared up when it arrived. I would consider this item another splurge, but sometimes there is just no other way and you are forever glad you did.

Ok girlies! All the other cutesy little details are all from affordable, easily accessible places—which is how I roll! Some items are from over two years ago and are no longer available in stores, but there are so many similar cute options out there! So here’s my list of places I frequented while trying to find the perfect items! And p.s. they all are really great with returns if something doesn’t work out like you thought!

Hobby Lobby (duh) Target (duh) HomeGoods/Marshall’s, Etsy, and that’s it!

If you want to know details about every specific little thing you see, comment on my Instagram posts and I would absolutely love to share!

So here it is…my heart and soul of pretty inspiration in a 10×10 room for my sweet little princess. I’m not a professional designer or professional photographer, but I’m a momma who hopes to fill my daughter’s world with beauty, and enjoy the journey of doing so. I have loved sharing this with you and can’t wait to chat more about our favorite pretty little things!

I guess if you could give this nursery a theme name, it would be “Vintage Garden” or “Parisian Vintage Garden” or “Boho Princess Garden Nursery”. Haha oh, I don’t know! How ‘bout you tell me what you would call it!



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The Unfolding of Motherhood

Motherhood. The most amazing associations that I have had the privilege to be a part of. Still a relatively new member, but wow am I a fan!

If you could travel into my little girl heart from 20 years ago, you would find a dreamer girl with a massive imagination, and ideas of a pretty little world painted in pinks and yellows, sunshine and watercolor flowers. Fast forward to now and there is practically no change, except for the fact that I have been given a rare gift of being able to see a glimpse of this dream in real life. God gave me a little girl who is truly “all girl” and it indefinitely makes my heart spill over every single day.

Krystle Horneffer Favorites-0021

It’s no question that becoming a mother changes you, and changes your life completely. What some may not know is the deep and profound ways that your heart and soul take on a new form that you have never known. You surprise yourself as what you thought you could handle gets multiplied, then multiplied even more. Even on the biggest days of doubt, you realize that somehow, you are still succeeding.

It’s no secret, motherhood comes with it’s challenges–a word that doesn’t quite do it justice when you get to those deep rooted places that are perfectly unseen.

I have struggled with body image issues for my entire teenage and adult life. But whew! Dealing with post pregnancy weight and body changes has quite possibly been one of the most trying events in my life that I am still in the trenches of as you are reading this. Being on a near two year long weight loss journey and not seeing a single pound move past a certain point…when you still have 20 pounds to go to your pre-pregnancy weight…is discouraging, and is not dreamy.

When “tired” and “frumpy” are two words that would be in your top 10 list of ways to describe yourself, life does not feel very dream-worthy either.

When you’re cleaning up the same things multiple times in a 12 hour span, just for the day to end with the exact same mess to be tidied up once more. It may not be what you think “life-goals” are made of.

These are the woes of motherhood that we hear about casually on social media and through laughable parodies, but Lord knows those are the easier ones to speak of. You may read this and inwardly groan because of the longing you have to hear someone else mention what you are dealing with in your own motherhood journey. If that’s you, that was me too, and without this just being an undoing of all of our discouraging trials, just know that I hear you! I feel you!

Most importantly, God does too. He knows your heart, your tears, your struggles right where you are. He loves you immensely and cares for you unconditionally. He has called you to this life of motherhood and will provide for every drop of faith you need to thrive joyfully. I also feel pressing on my heart to say to all the women with a mother’s heart that may not have seen your dream take place before your eyes–You are not unseen. Whatever your place, if your soul is begging to be heard and understood and noticed, He is there and he is everything you need.

Motherhood is a journey of depth, that may sometimes make us feel as if we are drowning.   

Oh but the beauty of the life that is your child.

The life that is given from the Lord, whether a beautiful blessing from your body, with the shared woven threads of you and your husband, or as a specially delivered gift that once was not yours, but that you have been specifically blessed and trusted with now. There quite simply may not be anything more beautiful than a mother with a deep, unexplainable, heart and soul love for her child.

Krystle Horneffer Favorites-0037

I did not always know if I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. I always thought I would have a creative type of career, but would still be devoted to being a great mom. Wisdom tells us that life does not hardly ever go how you think it will. Biblical wisdom tells us that the Lord has our best interest in mind. And boy, did God know mine and my husband’s lives needed a sweet little thing like our Emily. He knew that I, myself, needed to completely stop and step away from everything else that I thought I should be doing, and just be “mommy”.

I stepped away from work, I stepped away from volunteering, away from a schedule peppered with social engagements and gym schedules. I even stepped away from social media completely for a time. One by one, these obligations and personal expectations fell away, until I was left with a handful of things to give my full attention to. My walk with God, my home & marriage, and the blessing of raising my beautiful daughter with full intention and love of the Lord.  God brought me to a place and quietly said to my heart “This. This right here is what I want for you right now, in this season. Pour your heart fully into this place, then we’ll see…”

View More:

“The days are long, but the years are short” as the saying goes, with the thousands of heads nodding yes in agreeance. Mine is one of them. By no credit of my own, God has put a very specific message in my soul from the minute I wake up, to the minute that sweet little blonde head lays back down to sleep. To soak in every single moment. To teach this child how to grow in the love of The Lord, and in the little world that is our home and our life. To hear and be obedient to what he is teaching me, and to allow him to shape me into who he is calling me to be. The Lord has set this time aside for me to see the beauty and the dreams that have been in my heart for over 20 years, unfold right before my eyes. He has allowed me to find my inner beauty again. To find a new window of amazement in my soul that had not yet been opened to let the sunlight in and the sheer curtains billow.

I am seeing those blessings. I have just begun to see that beauty of the dreams that have been stored as secret treasures in my heart. I can’t even put it all accurately into words, yet I take the chance in knowing that some of you moms are totally getting what I’m saying.

I think through my life, to all the seasons that I have felt especially close to the Lord, those pivotal moments in life where I look back and say, “that was a time that completely changed me for the better.” This season of motherhood is one of them. This journey that I am barely in the midst of, is one that will mark my life forevermore in the very best way.

So here is to all the Mothers! You are beautiful! You are a blessing! You have a magnificent calling on your life. I echo the hundreds of other voices you’ve already heard in saying, do not take this time for granted. Do not let it go by without savoring the sweet simple moments of our babies growing into toddlers, and toddlers into children. Don’t lose yourself in the perception of expectations, but remember that you are doing this life for an audience of One. My prayer for my fellow mommies with little ones is that every single day, you can feel the joy, grace, and amazement of the blessing that is before you in the way that you love and raise your children, as we are on this joyful, beautiful journey together!

Be blessed. Live loved!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Emily's Book Club

Baby Broadway

So, I’ve always loved The Sound of Music, by Rogers & Hammerstein. I have all sisters, so we grew up singing and dancing to the classic musical tunes of Julie Andrews.

Well, one fine day, I was perusing the shelves of Barnes & Noble and stumbled upon these little babies and just HAD to add them to Emily’s Christmas Wishlist.


See Inside & Shop Here!


See Inside & Shop Here!

Fast forward to post Christmas where Emily received both of these musical delights from grandparents, yay! Making her momma’s heart happy once again, little miss is completely head over heels for these books! Like, she wakes up from nap saying “Doe-Doe!” (For Do-Re-Mi). We only read these like 18 times a day. And now we are on to Sound of Music dance parties during the evenings in the living room! You know my husband is just thrilled…

Thanks again for checking out Emily’s Book Club! Where sweet, dreamy books are truly a few of our favorite things! 😉




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A Few Favorite {Non-Christmasy} Winter Books for Toddlers

As I always state, the girls in this house LOVE books. “Bookies” as miss Emily calls them. Christmas books are so much wonderful, whimsical fun! But once Christmas is over, and the Christmas books are packed away, you don’t want there to be a lull of the wanderlust of seasonal reading and discovering! Hopefully you got your little love some books for Christmas 😉 but if not, go get these if you haven’t already! There are so many lovely little wintery books out there, but all of these are ones that I’ve found to be suitable for my only point of reference, my 18 month old daughter 🙂

That’s Not My Snowman

That's Not My Snowman

We love Usborne Books and through every season we always have to have a “That’s Not My…” touchy feely book. This one stayed out after the Christmas books were packed away with hopes of being able to build an actual snowman here in the south before winter is over. Here is to wishful thinking!

No Two Alike


This is such a cute little book with two little birdie friends who are “just alike.” Actually, they are “almost…almost…but not quite.” Little Em loves this book and when she wants to read it she calls it “Al-mo” {Almost}. We love little creatures in the woods and even more-so with the backdrop of blanket white snow and dreamy snowflakes. This one is a daily reader for us!

The Mitten


So this book was given as a baby gift and had stayed in the closet for a while because I thought it was a little busy for Emily’s age this time last year, and well as you may know, I like seasons. So we hadn’t gotten it out anytime since then. Well low and behold, it is now Emily’s most requested book of the winter season. “Mitt! Mitt!” she calls it, except for sometimes when she calls it BaBa. LOL! If you’ve read the book, you know that BaBa is the sweet grandma who knits her grandson the special white mittens. Another fun adventure of wintery forest animals, with a tad of baby appropriate suspension. 😉 We will definitely be adding more Jan Brett books to our collection!



And who doesn’t love a book without words? haha, Ok so that may sound strange to some of you 🙂 But I LOVE IT! I know some of my other Montessori mommas out there love it too! The freedom to make up your own story with your little one, or just use it as a sweet little learning book to identify new things. Yes, it does have one corner picture with a Christmas tree in it, but it is still a predominantly “winter” book, more than it is about Christmas. Gerda Muller has one of these books for every season. Yay! 🙂

Biscuit’s Snowy Day


We LOVE “Bih-cut” at our house! We are a family of 6. 3 humans and 3 dogs. So anything with puppy dogs that look anything like our golden retriever, great Pyrenees, or husky mix, are an easy winner. 🙂 We are growing quite the collection of Biscuit books around here, so naturally, we have Biscuit’s Snowy Day. A sweet little adventure with Biscuit, his little girl, and their adorable friends.

The World is a Wonderland Collection


When I became a mommy and went exploring for sweet, dreamy, treasures of books for my baby girl, Nancy Tillman was the first author I fell completely in love with! Her book, My Love Will Find You, is still our most read year round book. My heart gets even more ooey-gooey over the moments where my favorite choice books, are also Emily’s favorites too in her little mind. Doesn’t that make you just stop and thank Jesus for blessing you with a little person that carries a little piece of you inside of them? {sweet sigh} Anyway! I came across this collection of Nancy Tillman MINI books that have somewhat of a wintery theme. I love them of course. But, oh my word, Emily REALLY loves them! Her favorite hobby is holding any little thing that can fit in her precious hand. These books qualify! Therefore, she always has one in tote around the house.

No need to venture out in the cold unless you just have to have these today! All of these books can be ordered from my links to Amazon, or Usborne Books.

Happy snuggle time with your sweet ones! Have other favorite wintery books for toddlers? Leave us a message! I would love to add some more to our “to-read” list!




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Sweet Songs for My Sweet One

I love to have Pandora playing my favorite Christian mood music during our morning quite play time. I feel something in me come alive when good, sweet music is filling the rooms of my home. It seems to bring a peace and an extra invitation from my heart & home to Jesus saying “Please come in, you are SO very welcome here in these moments, and always.” 

My favorite stations on days when my soul is quiet and in need of rest, sweetness and grace are from the voices of Bethany Dillon, JJ Heller, Audrey Assad, Ellie Holcomb, Allie Rogers, & Jillian Edwards with a little bit of Kari Jobe & Nichole Nordeman.

This song piece from Bethany Dillon has marked the last 18 months of having my sweet girl. I feel my insides tighten saying “hold on to this moment, let this be your heart song for this season.”

This will forever be my song to Emily. Take a listen and be blessed.  I hope you sing this over you’re sweet one in some of your quiet moments.

Disclaimer: There may be tears.

TheBestSong (1)